Department of Sociology

What is Sociology?

Sociology is an empirical science of society as an integrated system and the various social institutions, of social groups and communities, the relationship between the individual and society, social processes and the laws of human crowd behavior.

What does our Department do?

The Department of Sociology at the School of Social Sciences has an outstanding reputation due to its strength in empirical and analytical research, and by using innovative quantitative techniques in its research design. The Department offers thorough theoretical and methodological training. The Department's main areas of focus in research and teaching are  Sociological Theory, Comparative Sociology, Stratification Research, Economic Sociology, Social Psychology, and Quantitative Research methods. The close cooperation with the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) and the Leibniz Institute for Social Research (GESIS) facilitates interdisciplinary research and offers students an opportunity to gain valuable research experience. 

What study programs does our Department offer?

The Department of Sociology offers both Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs in Sociology. The Bachelor's program (B.A. Sociology) offers courses in the four areas of General and Specific Sociology, Comparative European Societies, Social Psychology and Methods of Empirical Social Research. The Department's Master's study program (M.A. Sociology)  has an emphasis on empirical analysis, and focuses on the following areas of Sociology: Family, Education and Work, Migration and Integration, as well Economy and the Social Welfare State. 

The Department of Sociology is also involved in the Doctoral Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences, which is part of the Graduate School of Social and Economic Sciences. It offers doctoral placements for students on completion of their Master's degree. The Graduate School is well known for its high quality of research and has been accepted into the renowned funding program "Excellence Initiative" of the German Government.