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International Internships

An internship abroad sounds tempting. It is indeed, as it combines practical experience with a stay abroad.

Apart from spending a semester abroad, an internship abroad is another possibility to obtain important experience in a foreign country. The latter is not only good for your CV but will also enrich your professional and personal skills. A stay abroad can open up new professional fields but also simply broaden your mind and thereby make you see things differently. Additionally, at an early stage, ties with foreign countries can be established. And, one must not forget, at the same time you will be able to learn or practice a foreign language.

If you decide to do an internship abroad, you should prepare your stay as soon as possible. The lead time is usually one year, often even more, depending on the country. The organization itself requires much more effort than for an internship in Germany. Apart from the long search for a suitable internship, you have to organize your trip and accommodation and obtain a visa and residence permit. Furthermore, internships are quite unusual in certain countries, even in Europe. Last but not least, further expenses incur for the trip, accommodation and insurance. It is therefore important to obtain detailed information on the conditions for an internship in your favorite destination in time.

Please contact our internship manager for international affairs for questions on international internships.

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