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Welcome at the University of Mannheim

Welcome at the University of Mannheim!

We would like to welcome you at the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim. On this website you will find relevant information about the start of your Master studies at the School of Social Sciences for the M.A. Political Science and the M.A. Sociology. Both programs are English-taught degree programs.

Attendance at the Welcome Week is strongly recommended! Introductory events will take place between August 28th and Septemer 1st 2017.

For your studies beginning on September 4th, 2017 we wish you success and all the best!

Campus plans of the University of Mannheim

Information about the respective courses

Freshmen Portal

The Freshman Portal helps you to stay on top of things during your start at the University of Mannheim. We are updating the portal regularly in order to provide you with the latest information, important to-do-lists, dates and events you shouldn't miss and everything else you need to know about the beginning of your studies in Mannheim.

Study Guide for Beginning Students 2017

To make your start at the School of Social Sciences easier, the Dean's Office will provide a study guide, for the intake of the fall/winter semester 2017/2018 soon.

You can find more interesting information for degree seeking international students in English on the website of our International Office.

Introductory Events and Semester Events

General Information



Academic Calendar



What are examination regulations (German: Prüfungsordnung)?

For every program there are examination regulations which prescribe the necessary academic achievements. It furthermore contains information about exam deadlines, credit points (ECTS) as well as the exact graduation label. You can find a list of examination regulation catalogues here.

What is the study plan/Program schedule?

The Study Plan describes the recommended course structure. If you stick to its schedule, you will complete your studies within the standard period.


What is the course catalogue?

The course catalogue provides a list of all courses. It is necessary to arrange a schedule according to the specific study plan for the respective program. For spring the course catalogue will be available on Novermber 15th of each year. For fall the course catalogue will be available on May 15th of each year.

What are ECTS?

ECTS means European Credit Transfer System. As the European states have agreed on increasing student mobility within Europe, they decided to standardize the workload for students in their countries. This came along with the implementation of the bachelor's and master's degrees in Germany, One credits corresponds to 30 hours of studying. A bachelor's degree consists of 180 ECTS which are usually earnd within a three year program. A master's degree consists of 120 ECTS and lasts two years.


Semester and Lecture Periods

The University of Mannheim is the only state university with an international academic calendar. This means that the lecuture period in the spring semester (FSS) starts mid of February and ends mid of June. The lecture period of the fall semester (HWS) starts in the beginning of September and ends right before Christmas. Within one semester there are14 weeks of lectures.

The university updates the semester dates for the upcoming years on their website.

Semester Re-Registration

All students must register for every single semester, otherwise they will be exmatriculated. To re-register, you just have to transfer the semester fees in time.

If the fees are not credited in time or the wrong amount is credited, you will not be re-registered and have to pay an extra fee  to get registered after the deadline.

You can find more information about the semester fee and the re-registration here.

Exam and Lecture Registration

Each semester, students must register online for their exams within a deadline period.

ATTENTION: The exam registration period takes place during the lecture period, a registration prior to lecture begin is not necessary. If you do not register for a course within the announced deadline period, you cannot receive ECTS points for that course and therefore it will be registered as not attended. In such a case you would have to re-take the course including the exam. The deadline periods will be published each semester at the website of the student services (Studienbüros). The online registration has to be made in the portal2.

The course registration period takes  place prior to the new semester.

Newsletter of the School of Social Sciences

The monthly newsletter informs you via email about news at the School of Social Sciences, lectures as well as research and announces relevant dates. For this free of charge service you can register here.

Who can help me with my studies? - Student Service (German: Studienbüros)

The staff of Student Services is there to help you with the various aspects of academic administration. On these pages you can find all kinds of information about administrative matters (like enrollment, disenrollment, semester abroad etc.), exams, counselling and contact persons.

You can visit the Student Service website here.

Who can help me with my studies? - Academic Advisors (German: Fachstudienberatung)

For each department of the School of Social Sciences, there are academic advisors who can help with questions concerning your specific study program, provide guidance on which courses to attend, or inform about the possibilities for a semester abroad.

If you have general or specific questions regarding your degree program, you can contact the academic advisors


Who can help me with my studies? - Students Council (German: Fachbereichsvertretungen)

Student's Councils (Fachbereichsvertretungen) represent students in different committees such as the Faculty Council or the Study Commission. You can find more information about the Students Councils of the School of Social Sciences here.