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General Information on Mannheim

Over the past years, Mannheim has become a very attractive place for people interested in art, culture and sports. In close proximity to the university, you will find cultural attractions such as the Popakademie or the Musikpark, which turn Mannheim into a colorful center of pop music culture. Apart from these attractions, Mannheim shows its long cultural tradition with several museums and theaters, the planetarium and the Kunsthalle (art gallery).

Finding a place for a “relaxed” meeting with friends after work is no problem considering that there is a large amount of bars and clubs available in Mannheim. In regard to sports, Mannheim offers a variety of events which also cover specific interests such as (ice)hockey, equestrian sports, handball etc. Numerous park areas where you can enjoy jogging and hiking for miles need to be mentioned as well. The housing situation is an important factor for living in Mannheim and can be considered as eased. It offers its students the possibility to rent comfortable apartments in central locations for affordable prices.

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