The excellent research conducted at the Department of Psychology is reflected in its numerous publications in highly renowned international journals. Research projects focus on quantitative and experimental areas of Psychology that form the basis of cognitive and applied areas. Members of the department also hold various academic posts worldwide, e.g editors in influential psychological journals, which adds to the  department's international reputation.

Short overview of research areas

Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Prof. Dr. Sabine Sonnentag)

    Stress, Recovery and Health
    Proactivity, Creativity, and Informal Learning
    Mood and Proactive Behavior in the Work Context

    Consumer Psychology (Prof. Dr. Michaela Wänke)

    Boomerang effects

    Targeted Advertising
    Two-sided advertising
    Epistemics about persuasion

    Cognition and Individual Differences (Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder)

    All aspects of Cognitive Psychology including learning, memory, judgment, decision making, motivation, emotion
    Experimental methods, methodology, modelling of cognitive processes, mathematical Psychology

    Experimental Psychology (Prof. Dr. Arndt Bröder)

    Memory: recognition and source memory
    Multi-Attribute Decisions: Strategies und Models

    Social Psychology (Prof. Dr. Dagmar Stahlberg und Prof. Dr. Herbert Bless)

    Perceiving individuals
    Attitude change
    Social cognition

    Research Methods and Psychological Assessment (Prof. Dr. Thorsten Meiser)

    Cognitive processes in episodic and prospective memory
    Cognitive and motivational principles of judment and decision making
    Construction and analysis of psychological assessment procedures

    Educational Psychology (Prof. Dr. Oliver Dickhäuser)

    Cognitive and motivational processes during learning
    Cognitive and motivational processes that determine success and adjustment to chosen trade/occupation
    Impact of context factors on cognitive and motivational processes

    Clinical und Biological Psychology (Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers)

    Emotional aspects of psychopathology: exemplary research questions
    Mechanisms of change: Ambulatory measurement of fear during exposure therapy
    Panic and psychotherapeutic treatment processes
    Preferred perception of emotional visual and auditory stimuli
    Social influence on emotional processing
    Stress and image processing

    To find out more about the department's research areas and publications, please visit the professorship and research unit websites.