Outstanding results for the Department of Psychology in Mannheim

Psychology in the leading group in all categories of the CHE Master Ranking

CHE Ranking, 2016

The University of Mannheim achieved 2nd place in the major German higher education ranking CHE for their Master's Programs in Psychology. The University of Mannheim is part of the leading group in 12 out of 13 categories making the University of Mannheim one of the best public universities for master programs in Psychology.

CHE – Ranking: Psychology takes lead position throughout Germany

CHE Ranking, 2016

Psychology at the University of Mannheim has once again been been determined as one of the best institutions in Germany. It was awarded with the best evaluations and was one of the leading groups in 17 out of 23 categories. It got top marks in all student evaluations – e.g. “Overall study situation”, “lecturer supervision” and “study abroad support”. It was also rated as one of the leading groups in the categories “fastest graduating students” and “research publications”.

Psychology Top 3 throughout Germany

CHE Ranking, 2013

The University of Mannheim has been distinguished as one of the most successful universities in Germany. In all of the study programs that were ranked – study of English Language / American Studies, History, Study of German Language, Psychology and Romance Studies – the university is part of the leading group in the most important category describing “Overall study situation”.

The University of Mannheim is one of the best universities in Germany regarding the subject of Psychology. The department is part of the leading group in 16 categories. No other University in Germany had top evaluations in as many criteria as the University of Mannheim did. Psychology earned best rankings in “Overall study situation”, “Course program” , “fastest graduating students” and “research publications”.

CHE Higher Education Ranking 2010/2011

Psychology was the only discipline of the Social Sciences  that was evaluated in the CHE ranking of 2010/2011. The University of Mannheim's department of Psychology was classified as belonging to the group of highest ranked universities in four of five categories. Compared to the previous assessment, the categories "teaching supervision" and "research grants per academic" received improved ratings, making it one of the best psychology departments in Germany.

The department is also part of the group of highest ranked universities regarding the areas "overall study conditions", "supervision", "occupational relevance" and "research grants".

CHE/ Die Zeit, 2007

The major German higher education ranking CHE has confirmed the University of Mannheim's position as one of the leading higher education institutions in Germany. Arts/Humanities and Psychology were re-evaluated this year. Psychology belongs to the group of highest ranked universities in two of the five main categories.

CHE/ Stern, 2004

The new edition of the major higher education ranking CHE has revealed that the University of Mannheim's department of Psychology has been able to improve its results to be included in the group of Germany's highest ranked universities. University of Mannheim's Business, Economics, Social Sciences, Political Science and Psychology have now been ranked as belonging to the group of highest rated departments in Germany.

University of Mannheim ranked 4th in survey of psychological journal "Diagnostica"

Press report from March 9th, 2007

New and improved scientific and statistical criteria have revealed that studying psychology at the University of Mannheim means studying in one of the best programs in Germany. The current higher education ranking published by the psychological journal "Diagnostica" confirmed the outstanding reputation of the department. The dean of studies, Prof. Edgar Erdfelder, noted: "I am glad that we have finally been able to gain recognition for our study programs in a psychological journal".

A total of 1490 first-semester students were questioned in a nationwide survey held in 2000. In the questionnaire, psychology students were asked to provide information about their study experiences. Questions referred to positive experiences (e.g.contact to lecturers, practical relevance of lectures and consulting/supervision services offered)  and negative expereinces, such as overcrowded lectures or insufficient organisation of the study programs.

What makes this ranking unique is the use of optimised data-analytical procedures, such as multilevel analysis. The advantage of this research method is being able to identify so-called bias-variables that distort ranking results. These are factors that have an impact on the student's judgement which cannot be influenced by the University, e.g. age structure or population of the university town. It has been shown that the younger a student is and the smaller the university town,  the better the study conditions are rated, irrespective of the higher education institution.