Students interested in the full-time Bachelor's program should apply as detailed below.

Admission information for exchange students

Almost all of the exchange students in Mannheim come to the university through an exchange programme offered by their home university. For  more information on your application, please contact the International Office at your home university.

After the successful completion of your application for the exchange programme at  your home university, you will then be nominated for a study abroad programme in Mannheim.

Find out more about why studying in Mannheim offers one of the best exchange experiences in Germany here.

Admission information for international degree-seeking students

The Admissions Office is the central office for all applicants (German as well as foreign applicants). In order to apply for a Bachelor's program, interested candidates should complete the online application form, print and sign the forms, and submit them to the Admission Office between May 15th and July 15th. In addition, applicants are required to submit certified copies of official documents such as university-entrance diploma as detailed in the online application. International guidelines for grading standards will be applied. The International Office also provides a variety of information for international degree-seeking students on their website.

Selection Process

The application selection is conducted by a committee of two full-time lecturers at the department of Psychology. Selection is usually completed by the beginning of August, and is based on a list of specified criteria:

  • The average grade of the university-entrance diploma (equivalent to the German Abitur)
  • The final grades in maths and english.
  • Other achievements relevant to the intended study programme, e.g.:
    • employment in the following areas: psychiatric or psychotherapeutic clinics, counselling services educational settings, consumer research, statistics, advertisement, human resources, nursing, child care, youth work, social work etc.
    • voluntary work in the following areas: church, theatre, sports, music, spokesperson at school, political party, council, public relations, homes for the elderly or disabled, youth organisations etc.

Proof of German language skills

Please note that all students seeking a Bachelor's degree must prove advanced German language skills when they apply. More information can be found here: German language requirements

For further information, please check our
German website.

If you have any more questions regarding the application procedure please contact us.