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B.Sc. in Psychology

What is the program about?
The B.Sc. study program in Psychology at the University of Mannheim aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge in the areas of Cognitive and General Psychology, Research Methods and Applied Psychology. General Psychology aims to develop models and theories regarding thinking, learning, emotion, motivation, speech, memory and perception that apply to every individual in the same way. Further subjects include Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. Research Methods play a very important part in psychology, therefore students studying with us are required to take part in various courses covering statistics, data analysis, test theory and assessment procedures. Students also design, execute and evaluate their own small-scale studies. Learning key competencies, such as presentation techniques and writing scientific papers, is also an essential part of the B.Sc. program, creating a sound basis for our students to develop into well-qualified academics that are ready to take part in postgraduate education.

What else does the program offer?
Students are required to chose an elective subject in a related discipline such as Business, Psychiatry, Sociology or Political Science. This allows them to acquire an additional qualification in support of their future careers. It is also possible to take part in one of the various exchange programs with leading universities in Europe or overseas. We highly recommend a semester abroad to help further students' social and academic capabilities.

Career Perspectives
Applied pychology areas, such as Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology aim to apply psychological principles to a professional context to assist individuals in a wide variety of settings. Chosing Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Consumer Psychology as applied subjects enables students to focus their studies on the University of Mannheim's prevaling profile in Business and Marketing. Human Resources, organisational development, school psychology, consultancy or consumer research are just some of the interesting career possibilities on offer for our graduates. Students can also aim for an academic career by working as research assistants in one of the many research projects offered at the Department of Psychology and by acquiring master, doctoral and postdoctoral qualifications. Students can meet their first requirement for further training in psychotherapy by focusing their studies on the area of Clinical Psychology.

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