International Shanghai-Ranking confirms: The University of Mannheim is outstanding in its core programs in „Social Sciences“. The University of Mannheim was rated as the best german university in the programs "Political Sciences", "Business Administration", "Finance" and "Sociology", as one of the best three german universities in "Economics" and "Communications" as well as one of the best four german universities in "Management" and "Communication". More... (german)

Mannheim has repeatedly been rated as Germany’s leading School for Social Science. Renowned rankings like CHE (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE) / Die Zeit) have awarded Mannheim’s Political Science Department the maximum score in all evaluated categories. These categories include the duration of our programs, the general study conditions, the services offered by our library and computer labs, the amount of research grants awarded, and the reputation of the department in the scholarly community. Most importantly, however, Mannheim also scored maximum points with regard to how students rate the program. A recent reexamination reaffirms Mannheims top-position among German Political Science departments (national ranking).  The department has been ranked in an international comparison among the top 15 in Europe (international ranking).