Please note that only the German versions of all official documents, such as examination regulations (Prüfungsordnungen), are legally binding. 

M.A. Political Science (Enrollment Fall 2017 and later)

Examination Regulations (English) - not legally bindingExamination Regulations (German) - legally binding
Program Schedule (English)Admission Requirements (German)
Module Catalog (English)Module Catalog (German)
Admission Requirements (English)
Eigenständigkeitserklärung/Statutory Declaration

M.A. Political Science (Enrollment Fall 2016)

Examination Regulations (English) - not legally bindingAdmission Requirements (German)
Eigenständigkeitserklärung/Statutory Declaration
Examination Regulation (German) - legally binding
Program Schedule
Module Catalog (German)

M.A. Political Science (Enrollment Fall 2014 and 2015)

Examination Regulations (English) - not legally binding
Examination Regulations (German) -  legally binding
Module Catalog (English)Admission Requirements (German)
Modulkatalog (German)MA Thesis - Registration Form
Program Schedule