Checklist: Necessary documents for your application

Please note: the before mentioned entry requirements and selection criteria are relevant to the Selection Committee. However, in order to be considered by the Selection Committee you must send a COMPLETE application to the Admissions Office. The required documents are:

  • complete application form personally signed (original!)
  • Authenticated copy of your University Entrance Qualification (UniEQ) (e.g. school leaving certificate)
  • Applicants with a UniEQ acquired abroad require additionally: Authenticated copy with attested translation of the leaving certificate (secondary school) in either German or English.
  • Complete Bachelor studies: a degree course in either political science or in a degree course which is recognized as similar to political science by the selection committee . All certificates need to be authenticated*
  • Authenticated* Transcript of Records of previous achievements
  • Applicants with a degree acquired abroad require additionally: Authenticated copy of the acquired degree document as well as a Transcript of Records with an authenticated translation in either German or English.
  • If applicable: Evidence of previous study periods in Germany (Certificate of Enrolment including university and subject-related semesters (Hochschulsemester- und Fachsemesterangabe)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of good knowledge in English with a required minimum level (see statutes of selection), original or authenticated* copy
  • Please include a Letter of Motivation in English (max. 500 words)
  • Please include a sample of written work in Political Science in German or English (max. 5,000 words)
  • Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese applicants require additionally the orginial certificate of the academic test centre of their home country. Applicants who already attend a German university (in order to study a degree course) or German preparatory courses (in order to prepare for the assessment test) do not require a certificate.

* The required authentication can be obtained by municipal administrations, administration districts or direct (federal) authorities. Authentication by other institutions like insurance or finance companies does not suffice.

This list of documents is also stated in the Selection Statute PDF (in German)