Admission information for national & international degree-seeking students

The Admissions Office is the central office for all applicants (German as well as foreign applicants). In order to apply for the Master's program in Political Science, interested candidates should complete the online application form, print and sign the forms, and submit them to the Admission Office. Next application period starts on March 15 and ends on April 30. The link cannot be opened before the start of this period.

In addition, applicants are required to submit certified copies of official documents.

International guidelines for grading standards will be applied. If the Bachelor's degree is not yet conferred by the time of the application, a current transcript of records should be submitted. You can find more information about the application procedure in the Master Guide.
General information on life as an international full-time student at the University of Mannheim is provided here.
The International Office also provides a variety of information for international degree-seeking students on their website.

NEW: Tuition fees for international students (starting in the fall semester 2017/2018)
The tuition fees will affect all international students who are about to study in Germany at one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg from the fall semester 2017/18 on. The tuition fee will probably amount to EUR 1,500 per semester. Students who are already enrolled at one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg will not have to pay the tuition fee and will be able to graduate in their aspired degree program at their current university under the current conditions (retention of acquired rights).This change will not apply to students who are EU citizens or citizens of a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as to refugees. Moreover, this change will affect neither foreign students who hold a German university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) nor students with established living conditions in Germany.

NEW: Tuition fees for the second degree (starting in the fall semester 2017/2018)
Students from the EU and the EEA member states and German citizens or foreign students with a German university entrance qualification, who already hold a German bachelor's or German master’s degree, may have to pay tuition fees when gaining their second degree of the same level. It is expected that this fee will amount to EUR 650.

Please make sure to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before you contact us.

Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in Political Science or a subject-related degree, completed with a grade of at least "good" (German Grade equivalent 2,5) or better. For international students, international guidelines for grading standards apply. 
  2. Proof of good English language skills. Following proof of language skills is accepted:

    • A proof of the constant participation in English classes during the last two years in secondary school (grades recorded on the record of the University Entrance Qualification) or an all English University Entrance Qualification
    • Completion of a first degree in English.
    • Test results, such as TOEFL iBT or IELTS. More specific information can be found in the Master Guide. Please note, that the entry requirements with regards to the test results from TOEFL and IELTS will change within the next months affecting the next application cohort. The anticipated changes imply increased test results for both. Precisely, concerning the TOEFL test:  iBT (90 points) and PBT (577 points). Likewise, concerning the IELTS test: now 6.5 points required. These changes will be published officially in the following weeks on our homepage. Therefore, we highly encourage you to keep reviewing our homepage prior to the application.
  3. Proof of good performance in the field of Methods of Empirical Social Research and Statisticsn (with a grade of at least "good" (German Grade 2.5 or better).*

Please note: Though not necessary for the course program, a certain level of German language skills may prove useful.

Selection Criteria

On the basis of these criteria, points are given to students. These are then used to rank applicants. In parantheses, you find the influence (in %) on the final ranking points.

  1. The final grade or - for students still completing their degree - the average grade of their Bachelor's program grades thus far (10 %).
  2. A letter of motivation in English with a maximum of 500 words (30 %).
  3. For a  sample of written work in Political Science in English or German. This sample should underline the ability of the applicant to do research in Political Science and should not exceed 5000 words (60 %). All applicants to the Master Program in Political Science are required to submit a sample of their scholarly work. This writing sample should reflect original work that provides evidence of both writing ability and the capacity for social science research, analysis, and original thought at the graduate level. The writing sample must be written in English.

*The Selection Committee looks at each Transcript of Records individually. On the basis of finished and graded courses in the field of Methods of Empirical Social Research and/or Statistics, it evaluates your performance. The mean value/average of all courses fitting these criteria is calculated. If this value corresponds to a German grade of 2.5 or better, you fulfil this requirement.

Grade conversion is done using the so called Bavarian Formula.